Virtual Receptionist


Virtual Receptionist

Need an automated call answering service? Volume10 virtual receptionist feature helps you provide a better customer experience while automatically directing phone calls based on your custom incoming call routing options

Unlike an in-house receptionist who sits in your office and answers calls all day, our virtual receptionists or call agents to work from our offices but efficiently handle all your calls. They direct callers, provide information and respond to business enquiries. As a result, customers experience minimum wait time, IVR support, and exceptional service. For businesses, this translates into loyal customers and higher savings.

With a personalized greeting and faster query resolution, our Virtual Receptionists make your business stand out against the competition and deliver high customer satisfaction and delight. Our agents are real people with multi-lingual abilities and exceptional communication skills. They handle all your customer queries with the utmost professionalism and end-to-end reporting.

Virtual Receptionist is a smart IVR system which helps connect customers to the right department automatically. It answers to the needs of the customer 24*7, without human intervention. Using the virtual receptionist service, you’ll be also able to track & monitor customer calls to provide a superior customer experience & increase brand loyalty. Since the virtual receptionist routes call to all the departments, customer engagement analysis can be tracked across departments.

With a Virtual Receptionist or live phone answering services at place, you do not need any Call-center infrastructure, hardware, manpower and other resources. Our Virtual Receptionist services will precisely receive the customer’s queries, route the call to the right department while thoroughly saving the call logs, reports, complete call recordings and remain available 24x7. Your business becomes equipped to handle calls at any time of the day for the fraction of a cost.

Don’t let missed calls to become ‘missed opportunities.’ Customers and Clients are always hoping for an answer when they call your company. With our Virtual Receptionist Solution, your organization becomes capable of answering their calls in real-time. If the team is busy answering other queries over call, Volume10 Virtual Receptionist Service will keep them engaged or save their voice message until the call can be transferred to the right person.

Customer Support

We provide Automotive, Finance & Insurance clients with several contact options to choose from. These include Telephone, Live Chat, and Email. Our response time is stunningly fast.

Sales Driven Services

We have built a high reputation in the areas of reliable call center services to the retail industry of all kinds, online or offline, B2B, B2C, C2C, or any other type of retail operation.

Fast Response Time

We offer a patient hotline, phone answering and live chat support for automotive centres. We can also assist you in upgrading your digital media presence and help more patients reach you from across the globe.